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Cooperation to create strength for mutual development and benefits

Provide marketing support

We provide marketing support to help promote our collaborative.

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Academic and services staff provide support, advice and trainning

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The opportunity for guest lectures and collaborative research with SIMI

The SIMI Swiss Partner Program provides our valued delivery partners with significant financial incentives as well as substantial sales and marketing resources to increase velocity, volume and financial performance. The goal is to work collaboratively with partners to increase market impact, customer satisfaction and revenue. Training partners agree to use SIMI Swiss approved programs and ensure instructors are certified in the SIMI Swiss subjects they teach. In return, SIMI Swiss offers marketing and sales support as well as exclusive bundled solutions.

There are two types of partnerships that SIMI Swiss wishes to cooperate:

  • Academic Partnership and
  • Support Partnership.

Depending on the capacity of the partner, the appropriate type of cooperation can be registered.

The Academic Partnership program is for universities or legal higher education providers. The cooperation program requires partners to have adequate facilities, teaching staff and a quality management system to meet the requirements of SIMI Swiss.

Participating partners will receive the entire program, standards, accreditation system and program quality assurance from SIMI Swiss. Students after participating in training from partners will be evaluated, graded and recognized by SIMI Swiss.

If the Academic Partnership model requires the partner to be an accredited and recognized university, the Support Partnership model only requires the partner to be a legal entity with a training function.

With this model, students will study 100% at SIMI Swiss. Partners participating in the program will coordinate with SIMI Swiss in recruitment and local teaching assistants.

  • Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • DBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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