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SIMI Swiss Authorized Lecturer

ISCEA Switzerland allows only certified instructors to teach our LSCM Programs and Workshops. SIMI Swiss authorized instructors have achieved their authorization through a detailed evaluation of deep knowledge of course material, and Industry experience. They have agreed to follow our strictly rules and regulations that will ensure the integrity and maintain the delivery of our programs consistently across the globe.

For those to become an ISCEA authorized Instructor the nominated trainer must attain 90% or better score in the specific Certification Program that they plan to teach and fulfill all other requirements per ISCEA Authorized Instructor Policy.

Endorsement from SIMI Swiss

Recognized as a global certified trainer of Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs in LSCM

Access to LSCM contents

Receive licensed content, including instructor and participant guides and online learning assets

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SIMI Swiss will promote you through our website, searchable database and marketing efforts


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