Dr. Erick C. Jones Ph.D

ISCEA - Executive Director of Education & Certification Programs

areas of expertise
  • industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering
  • strategic planning
  • supply chain management
  • rotating program
  • artificial intelligence and data science
  • Ph.D., from University of Houston,
  • M.S., from University of Houston
  • DBA, Indiana University


Dr. Erick C. Jones, Sr. is an Professor of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering and Fellow of AAAS, IISE, and a Distinguished Alumni of the University of Houston. He is the President of the IISB, International Standards Board, and was a Dean in the College of Engineering at UT Arlington responsible for Graduate Studies. He is currently on detail at the United States Department of State as a Senior Analyst for Supply Chains in the Office of the Chief Economist. Jones joined UT Arlington as a distinguished faculty on the Texas STAR program in 2010, after eight years at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL), where he rose to the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure, and NSF I/UCRC center director for logistics. He held the George and Elizabeth Pickett Endowed Professor of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering and served as the Deputy Director of the UT Arlington Homeland Security focused University Center SAVANT and Director of the (RFID & Auto-ID) RAID labs at UTA. Until recently, Jones has served as a rotating program director at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the Education Directorate on GRFP, GRIP and MAKER. He completed his duties the Engineering Research Centers program as one of only a few to serve in two NSF Directorates. Dr. Jones graduated from Texas A&M University and later attained a Masters and PhD from the University of Houston with most of his secondary education obtained while concurrently working in the industry. Dr. Jones has held positions in industry which include Industrial Engineering Specialist, Director of Engineering, Consultant and Project Manager, and Executive Manager of a “Big 5” Accounting Page 1 of 9 firm. Dr. Jones’ unique background positioned him to develop one of the first and largest academic RFID labs in the country in 2003. Academically, Dr. Jones has received over $9 Million dollars in funding for academic research projects, from organizations such as NASA, The National Science Foundation, Department of Transportation and US State Department to name a few. Dr. Jones’ research activities are internationally recognized in the areas of automated data capture using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies, Quality Control at the Six Sigma level, and Manufacturing Technologies that support the development of “Auto Sensing” technologies. He has published over 165 manuscripts including 3 textbooks. As part of his research efforts, he has advised over 34 Masters Student and 15 Ph.D. students along with 32 undergraduate research students

contact details

+41 44551 7887
Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

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